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Operating manual

Matrix of use of procurement procedure

Registration and profile of Customer

Procurement planning by Customer

Request of price quotations by Customer

Open tender perfomance by Customer

Procurement plan pattern

Longterm procurement plan pattern

Classifier of adminstrative and territorial objects (CATO codes)

Description in case of absence of necessary good, work, service in the Uniform Stock Item Identification Guide of Goods, Works and services

Power division by Customer

Spacing line of plan point in status Performed, using functional "Procurement from one sourse"

Spacing line of plan point from status "Performed in status "Procurement are not performed, during contract conclusion of performed procurement

Description of EDS receipt by non-residents-participants of Informational System of Electronic procurement

Instruction  of procurement results review in case of detection of violations, having impact on the results

Instruction of results cancellation

Request of price quotations on decrease

Performance of Dutch open tender


Registration and authentication

Work place preparation

Customer's profile

Customer contact adding

Registration of supplier

Supplier's profile


Password reset

Procurement planning

Annual plan import

Creation, updating, deleting pf plan point (manually)

Approval, Application creation, Amendment creation, Deleting and exception of plan point

Spacing line of plan point in status Performed, using functional "Procurement from one sourse"


Procurement creation by Request of price quotation

Price quotation submission for Request of price quotation by Supplier

Active procurement monitoring

Proceeding of application of Request price quotation

Procurement cancellation

Deleting of procurement project

Procurement by open tender

Creation and publication of notice

Amendments in Tender documentation

Signing and publication of protocol results

Procurement by the list of top-priority procurement 

The list of top-priority procurement


Longterm procurement plan

Planning of longterm procurement

Performance of longterm procurement

Two stage tender

Performance of two stage tender

Inovations in Informational System of Electronic Procurement

Other updates of Informational System of Electronic Procurement since the beginning of 2014


Electronic tender documentation

Electronic tender documentation


Electronic bank guaranty (EBG)

Review, cancellation, retention of EBG by the Customer


Instruction of including in commission on procurement  of Observer of National Economical Chamber of Kazakhstan "Atameken" employees


For registration in system, it is necessary to receive Electronic and digital sign in the National Certification Authority

"Explanations for EDS receipt by non-residents-participants ISEP"